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What Does Aging Out Mean?

Aging out is American popular culture vernacular used to describe anytime a youth leaves a formal system of care designed to provide services below a certain age level. There are a variety of applications of the phrase throughout the youth development field.

Aging out is a real and scary process for many a youth in the united states, especial here in North Carolina. Hundreds of foster kids are not getting the critical help they need despite the fact that the state is spending millions of tax dollars to help them get jobs and avoid jail and homelessness.

So what exactly is aging out? Well to put it simply, when your reach a certain age in the foster care system, all of the help and support from the state gets taken away. Leaving many teens and young adults to fend for themselves, which in some cases ends them up on the streets, or even worse.

Last year, North Carolina expanded its program helping foster youth from 18 to 21 years old.

Among several changes, they no longer need to live in a foster home to benefit. They can live independently.

As long as they meet criteria, like going to school or working, they can receive a stipend and get help with housing and other resources until they're 21.

Giving Kids Hope Foundation is fighting hard everyday to ensure that teens and young adults that are facing the aging process have the love and support they need from friends, family and community. To help support the youth (our future) in North Carolina please consider donating. Thank you for reading and have a blessed one.

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